Anti Social Behaviour

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Everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way, providing that it does not cause a nuisance to the people living near them. A good neighbour will tolerate and understand the different lifestyles of others.
Anti-social behaviour (ASB) comes in many forms. It ranges from serious acts of violence and harassment, to more commonplace incidents such as noisy dogs or loud music.
Whenever possible you should try to resolve the problem yourself. If you have a problem with your neighbour, it is best to try and talk your differences through. You need to explain to your neighbour that their behaviour is upsetting you. Always remain calm and avoid entering into an argument. If your neighbour is not willing to talk, or gets angry with you, you should contact us.

Creating a Culture of Respect

South Shropshire & Meres and Mosses Housing Associations have signed up to the Respect Standard for Housing Management. By doing so we have made a public commitment to deliver excellent services to help resolve anti social behaviour and create a culture of respect within the communities that we deliver our services.

What is Respect?

Respect is about all of us being considerate to the needs of others around us, caring about the community as well as our own individual concerns.