New Homes

Meres and Mosses Housing Association & South Shropshire Housing Association are proud of our genuinely strong local roots. So we are passionate about doing all we can to keep communities in Shropshire and the Marches alive. One of the main ways of achieving this is by the provision of quality, affordable housing. This not only meets the requirements of those who need housing and wish to stay in their local community, but also sustains the viability of the community for the future.

Working with Local Partners

Meres and Mosses Housing Association & South Shropshire Housing Association recognises that there are limits to what we can achieve on our own. We recognise that drawing on other people’s expertise and experience will produce better results. That's why we encourage working with other organisations, who share our vision and ideals of developing quality homes and services for local people. We've found that pooling ideas, skills, experience and resources with local partners, makes sound sense. Projects delivered through local partnerships are more innovative, cost-effective and sustainable.

Working with Local People

We can only successfully deliver the homes and services that local people want if we involve them. We actively encourage involvement from tenants and local residents at every stage; from initial strategy to individual home design.

Meeting Local Need

Our main objective is to sustain and develop rural communities. All of our activities are driven by the local needs of local people. So we build, redevelop, and maintain high quality, affordable housing in areas where people want to live and would otherwise be unable to do so. Our developments have a positive effect on local economic, social and environmental issues.