Gas Servicing

It is the law for South Shropshire Housing Assoication and Meres & Mosses Housing Assoication, as your landlord, to service the gas appliances in your home once a year.

As the tenant of the property, it is your duty to allow us entry to your home to complete this task.

Failure to give access to your home is dangerous for you, your family and your neighbours. It is also a breach of your tenancy conditions which could result in legal action to enforce access or end your tenancy.

A faulty gas appliance can give off carbon monoxide which might make you feel nauseous, and in high quantities, can KILL in minutes

Our New Procedure

Due to some tenants not allowing access, we have changed the process of attempting to gain access to properties. We will now:

  • Send you a letter when your gas service is nearly due, with a date that an operative will attend your home. It will also say whether this is a morning or afternoon appointment. If you cannot give us access on this date you must call us as soon as possible to re-arrange this appointment
  • Make a telephone call or send a text message to remind you, the day before, that you have an appointment. It is your responsibility to make sure you are available to give access to your home
  • Non access to your home is a breach of your tenancy conditions. A safety notice will be attached to your door, and we will start legal proceedings against you, which may result in losing your home
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