Your Neighbourhoods Team

The neighbourhoods team is made up of Neighbourhood Management Officers, Tenancy Management Officers, Tenancy Management Officers (Rents) and Tenancy Advice Officers.

Neighbourhood Management Officers

Neighbourhood Management Officers are based in the community and provide you with a face to face service.
They are responsible for:
• Carrying out accompanied visits for new lettings
• Visiting tenants in their homes to discuss tenancy issues, including rents arrears and anti social behaviour
• Running surgeries and drop in sessions to answer any questions you may have
• Working with tenants and other agencies to develop and improve your community                                     

Tenancy Management Officers

Tenancy Management Officers manage all tenancy issues. This includes assignments and Right to Buy applicaitons. The Tenancy Management Officers can be contacted during office hours to deal with your queries.             

Tenancy Management Officers (Rents)

Tenancy Management Officers (Rents) are dedicated to the recovery of rent arrears, former tenant's arrears and court costs. They are also responsible for everything related to rent accounts including Direct Debits, Standing Orders and adjustments to rent accounts.

Tenancy Advice Officers

Tenancy Advice Officers support tenants and other household members to establish and sustain their tenancies by providing quality advice and information, referral and signposting to the relevant support services.

Allocations Officers 

Allocations Officers are responsible for letting our homes and deal with mutual exchange, succession and assignment requests.