Your Neighbourhood

South Shropshire Housing Association and Meres & Mosses Housing Association care about the environment that you live in. We have several plans in place to ensure that we continually work towards making your neighbourhood a better place for you to live.

We are committed to providing the service you want for grounds maintenance.

The neighbourhoods team has an annual estate budget to make improvements they feel are needed. Their budget can be used to fund one off items.

Recently the team have used their money to erect new fencing, buy new washing lines and install parking bollards.

If you have any ideas on how small changes could make a big difference to your neighbourhood, please contact us.

Several estates have a caretaking service provided. The caretaker’s role is focused on keeping the estate clean and tidy as well as acting as a contact between the tenants and the neighbourhoods team. This service is paid for through a service charge.