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Marches Community Land Trust Services

Our consultancy works to deliver homes in partnership with local communities. 

This means community led housing, which is a complimentary activity to parish and neighbourhood planning, which ensures a genuine collaboration between a community and the housing provider. We bring our expertise and resources to help deliver local ambitions. 

There are many different approaches to community led housing, and a community group will have many different options to choose between from the start to the finish of the process, including site selection, where they are built, how many homes are built, what they look loke, how they are funded, and ownership and management. 

Marches CLTS is able to guide communities through build and ownership decisions, and make the often complicated process an easier one. 

Several projects have already been completed using the community led housing approach.

What is Community Led Housing?

Community led housing is a group of people in a community taking positive action to get some new (usually affordable) homes built in their town or village to meet a local need. Community led housing is a way for a community to collectively develop, own and manage homes for local people.

Connexus, with the support of the Local Enterprise Partnership, established Marches Community Land Trust Services (CLTS). Marches CLTS is designed to provide advice and support to communities, helping them to deliver their housing ambitions.

For more information on community led housing, and working with Marches Community Led Housing Services, please email us here

Parish Councils and CLTs

We are keen to work with communities to provide affordable housing in rural areas so that rural life is sustainable.

We understand the complexity of housing delivery, it is what we do day in day out. We recognise the need for a difference in the delivery of homes and are committed to remaining local and responding to local concerns.



Success Stories

Neenton, Shropshire