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South Shropshire Housing Association has over 2,370 homes across south Shropshire and Herefordshire. Since its formation in 1990, the association has built over 400 new homes throughout its area.

Meres and Mosses Housing Association was formed in 2007 and has around 2350 homes in north Shropshire. It has completed a substantial improvements programme to its existing homes and has commenced its own new build programme.

South Shropshire and Meres and Mosses Housing Associations are part of Connexus. To find out more about Connexus and access documents, including annual reports, click here.

Our Values

We are all connected by common values and a commitment to learning, improving and growing. Most of all, we are focussed on having a positive impact on local lives. This is reflected in our key PRIDE values:

We are PASSIONATE -  We care deeply about our work and our customers, and take pride in serving people and communities. This shows in our energy, enthusiasm and commitment to going the extra mile, and to building for the future.

We are RESPECTFUL -  We deal with people of all ages, all backgrounds, all needs and requirements and we treat everyone fairly, considerately and as equals.

We are INVOLVING - We develop services for people, making sure we listen to what they need and involve them all the way. We learn from our experiences and always look to grow and develop together.

We are DETERMINED - When we start something, we see it through. We’re decisive, focussed, tenacious and work around challenges to find the best outcome.

We are EFFECTIVE - We aim to get it right first time and to do the simple things well, because that sets the standard and everything else follows. We deliver.

Green Issues

We are proud of our genuinely strong local roots. We are passionate about doing all we can to keep communities in Shropshire and the Marches alive, healthy, and thriving.

One of the main ways of achieving this is by providing good quality, affordable homes. This meets the needs of people who want to remain living within their local community and helps that community to flourish.

Our vision is to be carbon neutral by 2033 and our designers are focused on helping you to save energy and water in your home.

We are investing in all our homes so that they have an improved Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) rating.  Our target is that no home will have a SAP score below 55. A SAP rating shows the energy performance of a home.

The importance of meeting our customers’ needs for good quality, functional homes will never be overlooked. We involve the tenants when designing properties, their input is invaluable in helping us to improve.

Average SAP for MMHA 67.1 (Standard Assessment Procedure by the government to determine the energy efficiency of a dwelling)

Average SAP score for SSHA 64.1

Some of our green initiatives include:


Total Response Limited has made environmental protection a key issue in its day-to-day work and long-term planning and has succeeded in retaining the accreditation ISO14001 standard. 

Total Response are very proud of these credentials and underpin the responsible management of natural resources.

Fuel Switch Grant

(Fuel switching relates to the primary heating fuel of your home, the fuel which is used to heat the main living areas, for instance if you have gas in the living area and electricity in the bedrooms, your primary heating would be considered as gas and this would be considered as a fuel switch and therefore you could be entitled to grant funding).

Investment in Renewable Technology

Modern affordable heating systems are a key measure we wish to invest in to combat rural fuel poverty.

To date we have installed biomass district heat schemes powered by wood chip, ground source heat pumps maximising the benefits of the warm earth and air source heat pumps utilising air to generate heat.  In addition solar panels for hot water are being provided and photovoltaic panels for electricity generation.  This is coupled with a programme of insulation works in roofs, on external and internal walls, cavities and floors.

We have provided extensive investment into our off gas properties providing various options of renewable heating. The result of this investment is that 5% of our stock is now heated from renewables. Well ahead of most landlords in the UK. 

Our heating profiles breaks down as: 

SSHA/MMHA Properties by Heating Type MMHA SSHA %
Mains Gas Central Heating 1584 1184 62
Oil and LPG Central Heating 295 9 7
Solid Fuel Central Heating 77 233 7
Biomass District Heating 0 556 1
Air Source Heat Pump 60 56 3
Ground Source Heat Pump 20 70 2
Properties on Gas Grid 1839 1330 71
Properties off Gas Grid 463 819 29
Renewable Heating 80 182 6

In addition to this we have limited investment in the provision of photovoltaic panels.