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Ludlow Foyer

If you're aged 16–25, the Ludlow Foyer can be a great place to live!

We can help you access some brilliant training opportunities, support you in looking for a job or help you to continue your education, and, when you are ready, we will help you move on and set up home.

Up to 15 young people live here at any one time. So, if you need somewhere friendly to live, if you want to improve your chances of getting a job and if you are prepared to sign up to a training plan with on-going support, then the Ludlow Foyer may be for you.

About Ludlow Foyer

A Foyer is a housing project that provides accommodation for young people aged 16-25 and is linked to training. It opened its doors in 2000 and is the only accredited Foyer operating in Shropshire and Telford.

Residents are given opportunities to gain new skills, either by taking up formal education courses or getting involved in centre-led projects, such as a current initiative to learn and use multi-media skills, including video-making and computer editing. The training is individually tailored to each resident to enable them to become more independent, so that eventually they can take on a tenancy of their own.

Ludlow Foyer's mission is to provide a safe and supported environment for young people to gain the confidence to lead their lives in the community, often achieving new skills and making new friends along the way.

The Foyer was recently awarded a further three-year accreditation from the Foyer Federation, which oversees 140 such centres in its network across the UK.

Criteria for acceptance

Criteria for acceptance

Ludlow Foyer operates as an accredited Foyer as part of a national networks of Foyers.

The applicants support needs are consistent with the ethos of accredited Foyers:

  • FOCUS- the Foyer is able to meet the development needs and goals of young people in transition
  • The APPROACH- enables a positive ‘offer’ of integrated skills, resources and opportunities to be accessible to young people.
  • RELATIONSHIP- is based on a formal commitment between a young person, the service and the community, which is a condition of continued engagement.

Specifically, Ludlow Foyer applicants should be aged between 16-25 years of age and single.

If you are not working or in training or education, you must be in receipt of benefits or willing to apply for benefits before the start of your tenancy or any offer of accommodation. Evidence will be required at the point of interview and acceptance.

ESA claimant applicants may be subject to specific enquiries to determine the underlying need.

Due to the nature of the service, we will complete a Risk and Needs Assessment with you to determine any risks and underlying needs you may have. This will be reviewed periodically. We may not be able to house you at this time if the risks score highly in terms of behaviour, substance misuse, violence and aggression or prevailing mental health problems. This is due to the vulnerability of other residents for who we are responsible for and have a duty to safeguard.

You must be capable and willing to engage with Foyer staff to apply and secure work, education or training. You will also need to be engaged with work, work experience, education or training for a minimum of 2 days a week. This is integral to the offer of accommodation. We offer around 8 hours of support each week. This is not negotiable. Your Licence Agreement will be reviewed at least every 3 months with the manager or deputy. A Foyer resident may be asked to leave if there is a failure to progress an agreed support plan.

You should aim to attend agreed 1-2-1 assessment and progression meetings with your designated support worker at the Foyer. Weekly workshops are mandatory if you are not working or at college.  The Foyer is involved with the local community and therefore you must be willing to engage with occasional volunteering both inside the Foyer and outside.

We appreciate that additional support may be required from time to time with agencies such as the Community Substance Misuse team, CMHT, CAMHS, Probation services, Youth Offending or Social workers/Personal Advisor.  

The Licence Agreement will terminate at 12 months and you may reapply after that date with a reference from your support worker or social worker.

Your landlord is South Shropshire Housing Association. Weekly rent and service charge are your responsibility. Rent arrears which accrue will not be tolerated and you will be served notice through the Association and in line with the Rent Arrears Policy.

Non adherence to the support plan may lead to the resident being served with a Notice of Seeking Possession as a Licensee, as the offer is directly linked to maintaining and adhering to the support plan.

Criteria for deferment/refusal   

The applicant is outside of the age range.

The applicant has support needs which the risk assessment suggests are greater than the project is able to provide. This would include a diagnosed mental health condition, or previous evidence of violence and aggression. Long term ESA applicants not willing to engage with the Foyer in terms of Education, Training and Employment may also be refused.

The applicants risk assessment indicates that the applicant poses a significant risk to staff, residents or other visitors or students of the Foyer.

The applicant does not have recourse to public funds.

The applicant will be unable to meet any income source to meet rent and service charge costs.

The applicant is unwilling to secure benefits.

The applicant has rent arrears from a previous tenancy.


All successful applicants will be sent an offer letter which details the offer.

All unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter which explains the reason why the application was rejected.

The Association operates an appeal process

Should any unsuccessful applicant wish to appeal against the decision, the appeal must be made in the writing to:

Manager, Ludlow Foyer
Marstons Mill
Portcullis Lane

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you think the Foyer might be the place for you, but are not quite sure, then we've answered a few of the most commonly answered questions to help you decide. If you still have questions, please feel free to email them to us foyerinfo@sshropsha.co.uk and we will respond as soon as possible.

How much is the rent?

£224.74 per week.

How many rooms are there at the Foyer?

12 rooms and one crash pad

What would I need to bring with me?

Personal belongings, posters, stereo if you have one etc.

Who would support me?

A key worker would meet with you regularly and support you with areas you would need help with i.e. access training, form filling etc.

What training is available?

Each person has an individual training plan so it would be up to you, your support worker and the training officer to decide what training you would be doing. The Foyer has a monthly program with a variety of activities.       

How do I apply to live at the Foyer? 

You can download and print out the application form. Click here

Case Studies

Case Studies

"My childhood was a particularly chaotic one"

At 16 I was placed at Ludlow Foyer by a social worker, for the first 6 months I was probably not the easiest of residents, I felt very depressed and anxious and would take drugs. Fortunately, the staff continued to work and encourage me to do something with my life. It was a slow process at first, but I started meeting with Foyer staff, attending workshops which I never thought I would do, and realised that they were actually quite helpful. Some taught me skills like cooking and budgeting, others were more relaxing like the quiz nights or getting involved in the cycling group. The Foyer referred me to county training where I did a foundation course in English, Maths and ICT. Then I went to Ludlow College where I am taking a B-TEC in Business Studies. I also started getting involved in Grow, Cook, Share and training up through an ASDAN in catering skills which has led to paid work. Without a constant support and motivation of the staff I would probably still be using drugs, hiding away from everyone and never have got back in to education. I feel now I have a successful life ahead of me and I can't wait.

"At 15 I found myself homeless"

My relationship with my mum broke down and at 16 I moved in to the Foyer. I had almost completely dropped out of school, so the Foyer secured me a train pass to attend and checked on me every day and made sure I sat my GCSEs. I used to take drugs and refuse to attend workshops, but the staff gave me a chance to prove myself so I started attending workshops which were actually not as bad as I thought, I particularly enjoyed the cooking workshops. This led to me attending Grow, Cook, Share every week where I was able to gain more skills and knowledge in catering as well as an ASDAN. From this I have helped out at a variety of catering events run by Grow, Cook, Share and the Foyer. I have also been applying for apprenticeships in local restaurants. Having been living at the Foyer for 18 months I had learnt how to budget my money, cook, keep a tidy bedroom so I felt I was ready to move on and get my own place. The staff helped me work through the move on programme so that I knew what to expect in my own place, they also offered me extra support now that I've moved, so if I have any problems they are only a phone call away.

"I had a breakdown of relationship"

I could no longer live with my step mum and my dad. It was the best thing for me to do to move into the Foyer, as our relationship got a lot better after this. When I moved in I was unemployed and had no idea what I wanted to do. I found it hard at first to adapt to living on my own. I am the sort of person who will not ask for help when I need it. The staff soon noticed and quickly acted and gave me the support I needed. For the first three months I was into drinking and I just did nothing with myself. After a lot of support and help from the Foyer and my father, I was looking at college courses and looking for work. I found a job in the paper for an apprentice. The company did a lot; intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems. It was something that appealed to me so I applied for it and I get the job. So, over one and a half years later I am still in the same job and really enjoying it, hoping to have made my dad and all he people supporting me proud and also helping to make a good name for the Foyer project to help give inspiration to others so that they can make the right start in life as I'm very fortunate to have done. 

"I left school at sixteen"

My time at school was very difficult, I had learning difficulties, was in a special needs class and I was horribly bullied. Family life was pretty unsettled and I got in with the wrong crowd. I was very vulnerable and people took advantage of me and I suppose I let them. At nineteen I came to live at the Foyer. It wasn't easy for me, I couldn't remember things and I really struggled with reading and writing. I was scared having to attend the workshops as I didn't really want to get involved too much and I usually forgot things. Staff realised that something wasn't quite right and I had an assessment which showed that I had dyslexia and a very severe memory problem and also a hearing deficiency. At last - a reason for being as I am. At the last the help I needed. Staff helped me get into skills for life classes at the college and I gained a level 1 certificate in Literacy. I started to attend workshops at the Foyer and got some more certificates. Then I got the confidence to do some voluntary work at the Youth Centre. The Foyer gave me a chance, a place where people listened to me and made me feel valued and it gave me back my self-respect.


Make a Donation

You can donate to the Foyer at any time, by dropping off items such as: 


Non-perishable foods 



Often many of our residents come to The Foyer with nothing at all. 

Please send cheques to Ludlow Foyer c/o The Gateway, The Auction Yard, Craven Arms SY7 9BW