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Development Enquiries

Development Enquiries

Meres and Mosses Housing Association & South Shropshire Housing Association are committed to building new, affordable homes across the county. We have recently expanded our programme of development over the coming years which will ensure that vital housing can be provided for families and young people, especially in rural areas.

As a housing association, we enjoy working closely with local communities and provide lots of opportunities for local people to engage in the design and development process which shapes their environment. In order to deliver our programme, sufficient development land must be acquired and planning consent obtained to pave the way for new housing. This land comes from a variety of sources and we are regularly approached with potential opportunities for development from members of the community. If you are a landowner and would like to discuss an opportunity with us or if you know of an opportunity in your area, please contact us for an informal chat or fill out the web form below and we will contact you.

Please note, the land does not need to have planning consent and we will consider all sites or opportunities that are presented to us.

If you wish to discuss any opportunity please contact our Land Manager on 0300 303 1190 or complete the form below.