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Much Wenlock Community Led Housing

What we are trying to achieve

To deliver the ambitions of the community in Much Wenlock as expressed in the Much Wenlock Neighbourhood Plan and to ensure any decisions that are made are visibly relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan, in particular:

i)          The need to deliver more affordable homes

ii)         How the community are engaged in awareness of the work of this group

You can see more on the Much Wenlock Community Plan click here

What we have done

We presented our approach to Much Wenlock Town Council and a Project Board was set up in December 2014.

The board is made up of members from the local community, Shropshire Council representatives and our representatives, the Board currently meets every 6 weeks to progress an affordable housing scheme in Much Wenlock.

You can view the Project Board Terms of Reference HERE

What you can do

If would like to be considered for the Project Board, would like further information or if you would just like to make a comment, please email us

Project Board Members

Mike Grace                                         Robin Bennett                            Yvonne Holyoak

Kevin Jarman                                      Lesley Durbin                             Gill Wright

Ray Bacon                                           David Turner                              Nick Wood                                          

Maria Howell                                     

Much_Wenlock Local Lettings Plan.pdf

Social Housing Needs as at April 2017


44 households on the list currently live within the Parish. Of these 31 households have expressed a first preference to remain living in the Parish. 

The breakdown regarding the number of bedrooms of the 36 is as follows:

1 bed x 13 no.                       2 bed x 17 no.

4 bed x 1 no.

There are 24 households who live outside the Parish who have expressed a first preference to live in the Parish. 

The breakdown regarding the number of bedrooms of the 24 is as follows:

1 bed x 13 no.                     2 bed x 8 no.

3 bed x 3 no.

Questions for the Project Board

If you have any questions for the Project Board, please email us  

Build Progress

November 2017

Part of the Passivhaus process is to air test properties to check them for the amount of air escaping the building. The first two properties passed this test recently 


October 2017 

Tiles going on the first roof locally sourced from Drednaught Tiles 


September 2017