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Posted on: Fri 28 June, 2019

We take a closer look at our Drop-Ins and the support they provide to our customers and the wider community.

Rural poverty is an issue that acutely affects communities across Shropshire, with recent figures showing that 27.3% of workers in the county earn under the ‘real living wage’ needed to cover their everyday needs. This is to say nothing of those... Read more

Posted on: Mon 28 January, 2019

As the weather is turning colder you may notice more moisture in your home.

Everyday things like cooking, washing and bathing and even breathing causes moisture in the home. It’s important to know how to reduce it before it turns into that nasty mould. Not good for your health, or your home.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Put lids on saucepans
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed and open windows
  • If you can dry your clothes outside go with... Read more
Posted on: Wed 16 May, 2018


Let’s Talk Local’ is provided by Shropshire Council and aims to provide an easy and convenient way of accessing information and support relating to your social care needs and priorities. This might include questions or queries about how you can be supported to enjoy independence and contentment within your own home and local community. Additionally, if you look after someone then your caring role can be discussed in order to ensure that you are supported.

Let’s Talk Local... Read more

Posted on: Tue 15 May, 2018

Every Thursday local people of Church Stretton meet for hot dinner and a good chat at Ley Gardens. For some, it is the highlight of their week and offers a social event as well as a lovely lunch.

It’s been 27 years since the Lunch Club first began in Church Stretton and has previously been hosted at Mayfair and Windsor Place. Margaret Hamer is one of the organisers and with other volunteers they provide a two course meal for £7 every Thursday at 12.30, although attendees can come... Read more

Posted on: Sat 24 March, 2018

A scheme run by volunteers in Bishops Castle, which delivers freshly prepared meals to people in the area every Wednesday lunchtime has expanded its client base and been given a cash donation for £250 from a volunteer.

Bishops Castle Mobile lunches is run by South Shropshire Housing Association Independent Living Co-ordinator, Jeremy Hall with the help of Dave Barsley, SSHA Support Services and residents Margaret Watkins and Carol Clarke. The service has been running for 2 years and... Read more