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Fire safety in communal areas

Posted on: Tue 12th February, 2019

Your safety is our highest priority and we pride ourselves on maintaining the very highest standards of fire health and safety. With this in mind, we must remind our tenants of their responsibility to maintain communal areas.

Please remember:

  • Storage of personal possessions is not allowed in communal areas, including stairwells and corridors. This is to maintain clear escape routes and keep them clear of combustible material.
  • You will be requested to remove any personal possessions from communal areas. This includes any recycling boxes you may have been provided by the Local Authority.
  • We reserve the right to remove and disposeĀ of any possessions which are not removed from communal areas. You will be charged for any costs associated with their removal and disposal.
  • If you are concerned about a cluttered or blocked communal area then it is your responsibility to contact your Neighbourhood Management Officer or Independent Living Coordinator. You may also contact Customer Services using the details here.