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Kingsway Court Gets Gaming thanks to the Community Development Fund

Posted on: Thu 6th September, 2018

Residents of Kinsgway Court Independent Living Scheme are now enjoying regular games nights thanks to our Community Development Fund.

After conversations at the regular coffee morning on the scheme, a games night idea was thought up and launched in April 2018. The aim was to provide a social event for the residents, and to help them be active both physically and mentally. Earlier in the year some of the residents had tried Boccia, a disability sport where players propel balls to land close to a target ball.

After applying to the Community Development Fund in June, the group received £129 and bought a Boccia set. The sport is now played regularly at the games night and at the coffee morning.

The group has now gone one step further and made enquiries with other local groups who have teams and are organising matches with them, and they will also be attending the Shropshire Boccia Tournament in October.


For more information on the Community Development Fund, and how it can help your local group, click here.