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Merger to Bring a Bright Future to Rural Areas

Posted on: Wed 20th December, 2017

2017 saw Herefordshire Housing and Shropshire Housing Group connect, as equal partners, to form Connexus, a new social housing umbrella group with more than 600 colleagues working across Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.

Connexus, with more than 10,400 homes brings together a number of subsidiary brands under the group umbrella, Herefordshire Housing Limited, South Shropshire and Meres and Mosses Housing Associations, and the Independence Trust.  

Peter Brown, Chief Executive said: “Connexus will bring together the resources, energy and ambition of two successful housing groups. Being connected in this way will enable us to be bigger and better, while our frontline services will continue to be delivered by the organisations that our individual customers have come to know and trust.”

He added:” Together we are able to maximise financial strength, funding opportunities and expertise of our people to better meet the needs of our customers and communities.”

The group covers the Marches and beyond, bringing with it familiar rural challenges and opportunities to work with and support small and dispersed communities as well as the larger villages and market towns; often struggling to retain young people and vital services.  Connexus remains passionate about its commitment to customers and communities recognising that the best solutions for the complex issues which rural areas face will often lie in partnership. Partnerships with like minded bodies around health, care, employment, wealth, transport, inward investment and job creation alongside housing of course.

Jake Berriman, Deputy Chief Executive said: “our beautiful countryside and the lure of village life attracts older, more affluent retirees which puts pressure on house prices and in time will put increasing pressure on health and support services; whilst younger people are unable to earn enough to afford to live locally, their employment prospects are hindered by poor transport infrastructure and without them rural school numbers are dwindling.

Working with Local authorities and communities Connexus is determined to be part of the solution helping to empower local people to meet their needs and aspirations providing great homes and sustainable communities."