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Mould & Condensation

Posted on: Mon 28th January, 2019

As the weather is turning colder you may notice more moisture in your home.

Everyday things like cooking, washing and bathing and even breathing causes moisture in the home. It’s important to know how to reduce it before it turns into that nasty mould. Not good for your health, or your home.

Here are a few things you can do:

  • Put lids on saucepans
  • Keep kitchen and bathroom doors closed and open windows
  • If you can dry your clothes outside go with this option. Drying them in front of a fire/radiator just increases the moisture content of the air around the home, all that water has to go somewhere!
  • If extractor fans are fitted – use them
  • Wipe down surfaces when moisture settles (this stops mould forming)
  • Don’t block air vents
  • Vent your tumble dryer
  • Mix up how you run a bath, add the cold water first then the hot - crazy but hey it works to reduce the moisture. Remember to keep the bathroom door closed too
  • Keep your home heated to a moderate temperature

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