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Passivhaus development nominated for sustainable construction award

Posted on: Wed 3rd April, 2019

An innovative Passivhaus development in Callaughtons Ash, Much Wenlock, is in the running for the Sustainability Award at the 2019 West Midlands Celebrating Construction Awards.

When South Shropshire Housing Association (SSHA), part of Connexus, announced back in 2015 its intention to build a new affordable housing development in Much Wenlock, the local community was understandably concerned. The needs of this idyllic and unspoilt market town needed to be respected, and so a community ‘project steering group’ was established to deliver the type of innovative and environmentally friendly development suited to Much Wenlock. The SSHA board supported this vision and approved the construction of this unique development.

Fast-forward to 2019 and the Callaughtons Ash development has been nominated for a highly-acclaimed award at the prestigious 2019 West Midlands Celebrating Construction Awards. Though facing some undoubtedly stiff competition, SSHA is confident that Callughtons Ash demonstrates the social and environmental value that judges are looking for.

All 12 properties conform to the rigorous Passivhaus energy efficiency standard, featuring triple glazing, insulation that effectively seals the house, and thermally modified external cladding. A further eco-conscious innovation sees warm air extracted from the house used to heat filtered air drawn from outside, minimising heating costs. Materials were also sourced as locally as possible to minimise the environmental impact of construction, with the clay roof tiles being quarried and made within 25 miles of the site.

Darren Luter, Delivery Manager for SSHA, said:

“Callaughtons Ash was the one of the first affordable housing development in the region to achieve the Passivhaus standard. We couldn’t be happier to be being recognised by the Celebrating Construction Awards.”

Christine Duggan, Director of Housing and Communities for Connexus, added:

“We always strive to be innovators in the affordable housing sector, while taking the concerns of our residents with regards to fuel poverty and other running costs into consideration. Callaughtons Ash is the embodiment of this ethos.”