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Together With Tenants

Posted on: Wed 8th May, 2019

Together With Tenants is a groundbreaking new initiative from the National Housing Federation that aims to create stronger relationships and clearer communication between social housing landlords and their customers. While we always work hard to ensure that your voice is heard, however, we do understand that we do not always get it right for everyone, all of the time.

Earlier this month our Customer Involvement Panel (CIP) headed to Birmingham for the first Together With Tenants meeting, bringing together landlords and Housing Association customers from across the West Midlands.

While just the start of this journey to bring social landlords and their customers together, there was productive discussion around what Housing Associations can do really listen to their customers. It was suggested that perhaps too much emphasis was being put by landlords on the process of complaints, rather than the content and using these complaints to improve services.

Work is being done to ensure that Together With Tenants really delivers on its early promise. Future events and discussions will focus on developing a four-point plan for delivering change across the social housing sector.

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