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You have certain general responsibilities including:

  • Keeping your property clean and in good decorative order
  • Taking precautions to prevent damage once a repair fault has been identified
  • Allowing access to your home to carry out annual gas, oil or solid fuel checks and any inspections that we feel are necessary
  • Reporting any criminal damage or vandalism to the Police and getting a Police crime number
  • Telling us when a repair is needed
  • Providing access to your property to enable work to be carried out
  • Contacting us to make an appointment if a contractor has called while you were out and left a card

You are responsible for certain repairs, such as: 

  • Replacing plugs and chains to baths and sinks 
  • Replacing lost keys, and gaining access if you have been locked out 
  • Replacing and testing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries 
  • Repairing any secondary heating 
  • Replacing domestic electrical fuses, light bulbs and florescent tubes and starters 
  • Cleaning baths, WC pans and wash basins 
  • Replacing toilet seats 
  • Making good minor plaster faults, holes and cracks to walls and ceilings
  • Repairing gas and electric cookers
  • Maintaining garden paths 
  • Repairing any fences installed by you 
  • TV aerials (except communal aerials) 

Please see the tenants handbook for the full list  

Chargeable Repairs

You don’t have to pay for the repairs that we are responsible for, but repairs will be charged to you if:

  • You replace any fixtures or fittings; or do any repair or improvement without getting our permission first
  • We have to repair anything that you, members of your family, visitors or pets have damaged
  • You misuse the emergency call out system
  • You haven’t carried out a repair that is your responsibility
  • You haven’t kept an appointment that has been made

For a full list of chargeable repairs, please see the tenants handbook repairs section. A link to this is in the links box on the right of this page.

Re-glazing Broken Windows

We will re-glaze broken windows no extra cost where the repair is required as a result of a crime, for example domestic abuse or burglary. In certain circumstances we may also decide to carry out the work at no cost to the tenant.

Replacing External Door Locks

We will replace locks where this is required to protect the tenant from domestic abuse or burglary. We will also carry out the work at no cost to the tenant where this is required through no fault of the tenant.

Before You Report a Repair

Please see the repairs section of the tenants handbook where there is a comprehensive list of repairs that are your responsibility.

Pest Control

As a Tenant you are responsible for Pest Control. Shropshire Council Pest Control Services provides practical treatment for a wide range of nuisance pests and can be contacted on 0345 678 9000.