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Aids & Adaptations

We want to make life easier for our tenants. We want to help you live independently for as long as you wish. We offer minor and major adaptations to your home so that your quality of life can be improved.

If you have a disability or long term medical condition and have difficulty doing everyday tasks, we may be able to help.

We carry out adaptations to your home, provided we receive a relevant professional recommendation for the adaptation.

Minor Adaptations

These are works which do not exceed £1000. For example:
• Internal/external grab rails
• Lever taps
• Half steps

These will be completed at your request through our repairs service, and are normally completed within 21 working days.

Major Adaptations

  These are works over £1000 and normally alter the structure of your home, some examples are:
  • Level access shower
  • Disabled access kitchen
  • Through floor lifts
  • Stair lifts
  • Ramps to external doors
  • Over bath showers
  • Shower/bedroom extensions

We will normally undertake the adaptation that best suits your ability to live independently for the long term.

Work can cost up to £30,000 (subject to available budget).

Professional Recommendation

For minor adaptations, this can be a doctor’s letter or advice from your social worker, neighbourhood management officer, independent living coordinator or another housing professional.

In the case of a major adaptation this will be a qualified Occupational Therapist. Depending on where the funding for the adaptation is coming from this may be a South Shropshire & Meres and Mosses Housing Association employed Occupational Therapist, or a local authority Occupational Therapy.

What we do not do

Certain works we consider as not appropriate for the balance of our housing stock. An example of this is a first floor level access shower.

In these circumstances we will explore other options for you, including re-housing.