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Grounds Maintenance

Grass Cutting 

Main areas maintenance of the grass to a maximum of 75mm throughout the growing season (usually between April and October)

Grass cutting (small areas, e.g. in between garages) reduced visits during the grass growing season, visits and cuts in spring, summer and autumn 

Shrub Beds

Pruning and weeding 3 times a year in spring, summer and winter 

Tree Pruning 

Pruning of trees up to 6 metres twice a year, in summer and winter 

Rough Ground 

Visits twice a year to apply weed killer and strimming as required 

Hedge Cutting 

Cutting takes place twice a year between October and March 

Hedges and passageways are cut as required to ensure safe access

Hard Surfaces 

A visit to take place during winter months, with paths and car parking areas to be swept, removal of moss and spraying of weed killer 

Service Charges 

The service charge is based on measurements of communal areas and standard costs applied to them. The overall costs for the grounds maintenance in your area will be split across all properties, including tenants, shared owners, leaseholders and private owner occupiers.