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Rent & Payments

There's a number of ways you can make payment:

Online: click here to make a payment 
The Allpay app: download the allpay app from the App Store or Google Play 
Direct Debit: payment via your bank or building society account. Click here to download a Direct Debit form 

Standing order: payments can be made by standing order if you have a bank or building society account. Contact us for a standing order form and return it to your bank 

Post office and PayPoint: you can pay with your rent payment card with cash, cheque or debit card at the Post Office, or with cash at any PayPoint outlet. Please keep your reciept as proof of payment

By phone: call our automated line on 0844 557 8321 and follow the instructions to register. Please make a note of the authorisation code as proof of payment

Recurring payment: call us on 0300 303 1190 during office hours to make your payment. We can set up recurring payments from your debit card so you don't have to call every week. If the payment fails due to insufficient funds, there will be no bank charges. You will get notification of a payment and you can choose the collection date. 

By text: to register your rent payment card and phone number to pay by text, click here for more information 

Cheque: send your cheque payment to our offices. Make cheques payable to South Shropshire Housing Association, or Meres and Mosses Housing Association, depending who your landlord is. Write your tenancy reference number on the back 

If you need a new rent payment card, please call 0300 303 1190 

Service Charges

Service charges cover the cost for communal facilities.

This may include:

  • Maintenance of communal areas such as grass
  • Upkeep of communal gardens
  • Upkeep of communal rooms
  • Cleaning of shared hallways
  • Electricity to communal areas
  • Sewerage

These charges are not part of the rent although they may be paid with the rent. The amount payable will be shown on your annual rent notification.

Housing Benefit

You may be entitled to housing benefit to help you with your housing costs if you are on a low income. It does not cover the cost of any other bills, but may cover the cost of some service charges.

You can claim housing benefit from your council.

Anyone over the age of 16 who is a named tenant in rented accommodation can apply. The amount you are entitled to depends on:

  • How much your rent is
  • The number and ages of the people in your family
  • Any other people living in your household
  • Whether members of your household are employed
  • Your income and any savings or investments

If you are entitled to housing benefit it is your responsibility to claim it. If you fall behind with your rent because you have not applied for housing benefit or have not provided the right information, then you are still responsible for paying the full rent.

If you are entitled to housing benefit, you must:

  • Send your claim form to the council on time
  • Give the council the information they need to assess your claim, such as proof of income, savings and identification
  • Ask the council to pay the benefit direct to us
  • Tell the council about any changes in your circumstances, for example
    • One of your children becomes 18
    • Your income changes
    • If someone else moves in or leaves 

If you don’t tell the council of these changes, they may pay you too much benefit and you could be committing fraud.

Rent Arrears

We are  responsible for collecting rent promptly, this is important as it enables us to provide good quality services to our tenants, and maintain our homes.

If you pay your rent late you are breaking your tenancy agreement.

If you find yourself experiencing financial problems, temporary or not, contact us immediately.

We will signpost you to relevant agencies who can give you specialist advice. 

Reducing Your Arrears

If you have rent arrears, it is essential that you contact us, who will work with you to arrange a suitable repayment plan based on how much you can afford to pay.

Legal Action

The more rent payments you miss, the more difficult it becomes.

We deal firmly with tenants who do not pay their rent and we will take action against you if your account remains in arrears.

This could ultimately result in you losing your home. If we take any action through the courts, we always ask for the court costs to be added to your debt. 

If You Don’t Pay Your Rent

We will begin legal proceeding to take possession of your home and ultimately evict you if you do not pay